New Beginning. New Season

The month of September is observed in Africa as the first month of the year and signifies the beginning of new life through the trees and vegetation which is springing back to life. In South Africa we celebrate the month as  “Heritage month”, where we celebrate our various cultures and the “Rainbow nation” built over the past few decades.

For us at Sakhile Ezweni, this month heralds  our busiest season, the festive season. We are ready for the challenges that lie ahead, and know fully well that this festive season will be different from the seasons gone by.

The Covid19 pandemic really demanded that we work and act smartly whilst being front runners in our industry. We did new things to cope, and we believe that the experience has given us a new lease of ideas which will help us continue to serve our customers better going forward. 

From the Sakhile Ezweni team, we wish you strength in running the last mile of the year, and we wish you an amazing Heritage month.  May you celebrate the  different and diverse cultures amongst us and take this as an opportunity to cherish our rainbow nation.  

Dumezweni Leeroy Sidambe 

Group CEO

Sakhile Ezweni Group of Comapanies 

“Being a young leader, I am extremely passionate about empowering young people within the organization and encouraging growth in their career paths & personal development.”